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Part Hunter is Australia’s used automotive part marketplace and community. Buy, sell, request auto parts, search for a service or join the community today!

about parthunter

Part Hunter was born of an idea; an idea that started as a solution to a need. Part Hunter is a platform dedicated to the notion that automotive part-trading should be as simple as it is fun; a marketplace that moves beyond the exchange of automotive goods and services to create a vibrant community where motor-heads can share everything from stories to restoration and repair expertise. Part Hunter’s objective is to become the leading destination for the trade in used automotive parts across Australia.


Buy, Sell & Request

Buying and selling are the core focus of Part Hunter. Part Hunter provides a platform that will allow users to find the right automotive part for their needs. In addition Part Hunter also allows users to make requests for a part they are searching for. You never know what is sitting neglected in someone’s shed.


Other then just offering automotive parts, Part Hunter gives users the opportunity to list automotive services.  Whether you run a car detailing business, a body shop or even host a car club. Part Hunter provides the perfect platform to give your service valuable exposure to like minded people.


Unfortunately we have all been here. We had a dream of doing up our favorite childhood car, but for reasons ranging from time, money or an impatient partner we have had to give up the build and now sits untouched.  Part Hunter give this project a chance of a second life, by having it listed on the platform.

Listing features

Pay online SECURELY

[COMING SOON] The greatest feature of Part Hunter is the ability to purchase the parts online. Online payments on are done through the Stripe gateway, therefore users can feel safe and secure when making a purchase.

Easy messaging

Have a question about an advertisement? Part Hunter makes it easy with an integrated instant messaging system. No waiting on email exchanges, getting your questions answered quickly and efficiently

User ratings

Reputation is key for having confidence of an online seller. Part Hunter has a system for rating users out of five stars and also providing reviews. With a high rating you will be much more attractive to prospective buyers.



Part Hunter aims to create an automotive minded community. The Part Hunter blog allows users to share their stories about anything, from their favorite car to a detailed How-To post.  The commenting option on the blog post will give other users the opportunity  to provide their input and opinions.



The Part Hunter forum is the destination to talk anything automotive related. Have questions on how to change blinker fluid, or want to rant about road works in your region? The forum is the best place to create discussions while connecting with other Part Hunter users  who have motors on their mind.


Subscribe to the Part Hunter mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter outlining major events in the Australian motoring industry as well as information on the Part Hunter site. Special features will be included involving members  from the Part Hunter community explaining their stories and giving Q&As.

Community features

User Verification

To increase the confidence of buys and sellers, users have a choice to verify their profiles with a mobile number or social media account. This allows proof that the user is a real person and not a robot.

Community Feeling

Part Hunter is not just an automotive marketplace, we aim to be a community for all like minded auto enthusiasts. With blogs, forum and a newsletter, users will come to buy and sell parts, but stay for the community.

Expand your knowledge

An importance of the community on Part Hunter is giving users the best chance to increase their automotive knowledge. As the community grows, so will the knowledge base which can spread among users.

Choose The Perfect Package

Part Hunter is free for all users. But to help support the site and provide access to premium options such as featured ads, Part Hunter offers packages at affordable prices to help your ad be seen more.


After Signup

  • Unlimited Ad Posts
  • Featured Ads
  • Bump Ups
  • Blog Contribution



Per month

  • Unlimited Ad Posts
  • 4 Featured Ads
  • 1 Bump Up
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Home Mechanic


Per month

  • Unlimited Ad Posts
  • 10 Featured Ads
  • 4 Bump Ups
  • Blog Contribution


Our Team

Harrison Schipke Part Hunter Founder

Harrison Schipke


Harrison is a university student studying automotive engineering and business management. Over 2017 and 2018, Harrison has worked in Germany for both BMW and Alpina in the development departments.  The car industry has always interested him and by creating a site like Part Hunter, he wants to provide an easy service for buying and selling used parts.

Dream Car: BMW E30 M3

Mike Phan


Mike is a graduate automotive engineer with first class honours. Over the years Mike has had experience from Formula 3 simulations to automotive tuning and repairs. Mike’s strength is vehicle dynamics and he puts his theory to the test by being hands on and having experience in the set-up of track cars. He provides a perfect contribution to the creation and running of Part Hunter. 

Dream Car:  Hakosuka (1972 Nissan Skyline)

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

Part Hunter is an online market place based in Australia, which specializes in buying and selling of used automotive parts, automotive service listings and project cars.

Part Hunter also has a community element, which provides a blog, forum and monthly newsletter to help users connect and share their experiences, knowledge and interests.

Part Hunter benefits you by providing an easy platform to buy or sell used car parts and to also find services in your area.

Yes Part Hunter is free to all users wanting to post regulars ads or make a purchase.

To increase the exposure of a posted ad, or contribute to blog posts, there are affordable packages available that offer these add-ons.

Income streams for Part Hunter are provided via premium subscription purchases.

In the future, sale commissions will be implemented. 5%* of all Stripe sales (excluding fees) go back to Part Hunter. We will monetize the sales so that we can invest back into the development of the site making it better for our users.

*Subject to change

To contribute to the Part Hunter blog you will need to have one of the premium subscriptions.

When you want to contribute your post, contact the team so we can give author privileges, or we can post the content on your behalf.  

If you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to contact us at